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MENA MOBILE donated 20,000 medical masks to Wuhan Hospitals

United Arab Emirates, February 16, 2020


With the coming of the new domestic coronavirus (2019-nCov), the number of confirmed pneumonias is increasing. The latest data according to the National Health Commission in Beijing, more than 68,000 cases had been confirmed across the country as of Sunday 16s February 2020. The new deaths took the nationwide toll to more than 1600.

The country is currently under blockade, and every family can’t go out! The pneumonia epidemic news affects the hearts of hundreds of millions of Chinese around the world.

MENA MOBILE has paid close attention to the development of the epidemic situation and wanted to support all staff members in China who are fighting in the “war” against the virus.

Due to the shortage of medical mask supplies in China, individual buyers are facing difficulties to arrange these masks from global countries as well as in MENA countries. MENA MOBILE has taken the responsibility to look for medical suppliers over MENA region and has found one in Saudi Arabia and successfully purchased 20,000 of “N95 1860” medical masks (Worth of 27,000 USD) and donated them to local medical institutions in Wuhan. This comes with alignments of supporting different territories such Guangzhou and Ningxia.

Baker Ma, the founder and CEO of MENA Mobile, says: “Our hearts and minds with the people in Wuhan, and hope our little contribution will encourage others to do the same. The threat of this virus is not only towards people in China but against every person on this earth”.

MENA MOBILE will also pay close attention to the epidemic situation and the situation of medical materials in the Middle East region and will do its utmost to support China to overcome this nightmare together.