Mena Mobile


MENA Mobile is the Middle East’s leading company in Mobile Applications and Games Design and Publishing.


The company was founded in 2016 and its head quarter is based in Abu Dhabi, along with branch offices in Beijing- China, Dubai – UAE, Islamabad – Pakistan, Cairo – Egypt, Beirut – Lebanon and Riyadh – Saudi.


Our team of mixed eastern, western and middle eastern professionals are well-versed in creating, developing and publishing mobile applications & games, specialized in localizing content, with a blend of creativity, skills, and practicality that has a vision of innovation. Our motto has been to use the best of digital technology and create splendid user experiences.



BAKER MA is the Founder and CEO of MENA Mobile worked in well-known companies in the Middle east as Manager of Middle East Project Overseas Business Department, Fujian NETDRAGON Technology Co., Ltd then Director of Middle East Market Operations, Fujian ILEADSOFT Technology Co., Ltd after that as Legal person and CEO of Fuzhou ONEMT Technology Co., Ltd. and also Studied Arabic linguistics in Al-Bayt University of Jordan.

Having this multicultural background contributed in positioning MENA Mobile as one of the most important companies that link China with the Arab region, formulated the strength of the company with the characterization of the cultural setting and heritage of the MENA region.

“Relocating our headquarter to Abu Dhabi comes within a long-term vision aiming to be the acknowledged regional leader in the industry, perhaps our dream has already begun to be realized through our products that reach millions of Active users.”