Mena Mobile

Strategy Game

The first of its kind in the Arab world secured by an Intellectual Property (IP) protection, the game is inspired by the historical series leader Salah Al Din Al Ayoubi. The game details take you back in time to live in the heart of the historical event and witness one of the greatest Arab victories.


It simulates a set of conditions and challenges, create powerful alliances, and share your epic victories and combat strategies to defeat enemies and take over their kingdoms to become the greatest commander of all time!

Strategy Game

It is a game of war and modern Arab strategy designed specifically for gamers and Arab warriors. Chosen by Facebook as one of the best mobile games. The Middle Eastern Star Haifa Wahbi – هيفاء وهبي) was appointed as the face & the ambassador of the game.

Build your base to become an impregnable fortress, recruit your ghosts and impose your hegemony with bombs and explosives, build armies of officers, tanks, and armor, rally your allies to crush attacks against your enemies, enjoy the company of expert men and women, attack the players’ bases, and arrest their military leaders, challenge the aggressors using the most dangerous and smartest strategies, craft the tanks and Aircraft. Pride yourself in your 3D dimensions base. Use the most dangerous nuclear weapons and dominate a world exhausted by wars and bombings!

Do you have the necessary qualifications to rule the world? Try and find out for yourself now!

AR Game

The AR game is an Arabic augmented reality mobile game, similar to Pokémon Go, the first of its kind in the MENA region that launched from Abu Dhabi. It is a treasures hunt, inspired from “The Thousand and One Nights” stories full of adventures.

The Arabian Nights game has been designed and developed by more than 150 professionals in game designs, and it includes many maps from different cities including skyline and Iconic landmarks of Abu Dhabi such as: Emirates Palace, Etihad Towers, Aldar Headquarter, Louvre Abu Dhabi and from Dubai such as: Burj Khalifa Tower, Burj Al Arab, Dubai Frame, Jumeirah Beach Hotel and more.

The game requires activating the ” location” feature to ensure a wonderful journey in the world of “Arabian Nights” in the real streets and real cities and to encourage the players to turn everyday life into an adventure, explore different attractions through mix options between physical and virtual travel on their “magic carpet” as they search for treasures, unlock secrets, make friends, and fight monsters, rather than remaining physically inactive.

Do not miss the fun, play for free anytime and anywhere!

Racing Game

For serious car-lovers fueled by the need for speed, Menamobile has released “King of Speed” a free to play online mobile car racing game, in Arabic language, the latest in 2021.

Take the wheel and show your rivals what true speed is all about, leverage the drifting controls, time your Nitro boosts, make the perfect drift and leave your opponents in the dust.

“King of Speed” game is a sharp & stunning 3D graphics, with simple and easy car driving for smooth driving and great performance, compatible with all type of smartphone devices. In addition to many other features, the most important of which are:

  • Real time game against real rivals from all over the Arab world.
  • A variety of electronic and electromagnetic weapons to hinder opponents and take the lead.
  • A large map to explore and choose from Several Arab countries and cities, such as Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Egypt, Bahrain, and Saudi Arabia …
  • A wide variety of luxury futuristic cars, customization options (engine, performance & appearance), and upgrades with unique range of tuning and car parts.
  • Possibility of teaming up with friends or gathering a super team of racers online around the Arab world.
  • Multiple play modes and different challenges in solo or in group, with breathtaking competitive multiplayer events and tournaments.
  • Private chat rooms can be created and joined by invitation allowing players to chat, interact, help, or get help from their chat buddies all around the Arab world.

Play for free anytime and anywhere, show off your car on the racing circuit, drive fast and fearless, a pure adrenaline rush awaits you, get behind the wheel and compete!

Entertainment & Educational Application

Bostan is a children’s app designed to be the safest online resource for entertaining and educating kids from 3 to 13 years old, available for smartphones for free on Google Play and Apple Store. The application won the admiration of millions of parents, including the Award-winning Lebanese superstar Nancy AJRAM who loved the application with all its contents and features and was happy to endorse it, and was appointed Bostan App Ambassador.

The interface is user friendly and comfortable to interact with, which is suitable for children.

The App brings together high-quality content around the world cataloged and organized, including animation series and movies, songs, stories, educational videos, and TV shows, Entertaining, teaching and accompanying children to grow intellectually.

Hundreds of famous animation series such as “Masha and the bear”, “BOOBA”, “SHAUN THE SHEEP” and Films such as “SNOW WHITE”, “THE STOLEN PRINCESS” and more, beside the weekly basis additions!

Your kid will find everything he loves in here and you won’t have to look for content anywhere else.

Social Application

MOMENT is the first self-developed social media application focused on the Middle East market by MENA Mobile, positioned the Middle East version of “WeChat” to provide a variety of display and communication methods for local high-quality content.

MOMENT is available on Android and IOS mobile platforms.