Mena Mobile

Racing Game

For serious car-lovers fueled by the need for speed, Menamobile has released “King of Speed” a free to play online mobile car racing game, in Arabic language, the latest in 2021.

Take the wheel and show your rivals what true speed is all about, leverage the drifting controls, time your Nitro boosts, make the perfect drift and leave your opponents in the dust.

“King of Speed” game is a sharp & stunning 3D graphics, with simple and easy car driving for smooth driving and great performance, compatible with all type of smartphone devices. In addition to many other features, the most important of which are:

  • Real time game against real rivals from all over the Arab world.
  • A variety of electronic and electromagnetic weapons to hinder opponents and take the lead.
  • A large map to explore and choose from Several Arab countries and cities, such as Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Egypt, Bahrain, and Saudi Arabia …
  • A wide variety of luxury futuristic cars, customization options (engine, performance & appearance), and upgrades with unique range of tuning and car parts.
  • Possibility of teaming up with friends or gathering a super team of racers online around the Arab world.
  • Multiple play modes and different challenges in solo or in group, with breathtaking competitive multiplayer events and tournaments.
  • Private chat rooms can be created and joined by invitation allowing players to chat, interact, help, or get help from their chat buddies all around the Arab world.

Play for free anytime and anywhere, show off your car on the racing circuit, drive fast and fearless, a pure adrenaline rush awaits you, get behind the wheel and compete!