Mena Mobile

Strategy Game

It is a game of war and modern Arab strategy designed specifically for gamers and Arab warriors. Chosen by Facebook as one of the best mobile games. The Middle Eastern Star Haifa Wahbi – هيفاء وهبي) was appointed as the face & the ambassador of the game.

Build your base to become an impregnable fortress, recruit your ghosts and impose your hegemony with bombs and explosives, build armies of officers, tanks, and armor, rally your allies to crush attacks against your enemies, enjoy the company of expert men and women, attack the players’ bases, and arrest their military leaders, challenge the aggressors using the most dangerous and smartest strategies, craft the tanks and Aircraft. Pride yourself in your 3D dimensions base. Use the most dangerous nuclear weapons and dominate a world exhausted by wars and bombings!

Do you have the necessary qualifications to rule the world? Try and find out for yourself now!