Mena Mobile

Entertainment & Educational Application

Bostan is a children’s app designed to be the safest online resource for entertaining and educating kids from 3 to 13 years old, available for smartphones for free on Google Play and Apple Store. The application won the admiration of millions of parents, including the Award-winning Lebanese superstar Nancy AJRAM who loved the application with all its contents and features and was happy to endorse it, and was appointed Bostan App Ambassador.

The interface is user friendly and comfortable to interact with, which is suitable for children.

The App brings together high-quality content around the world cataloged and organized, including animation series and movies, songs, stories, educational videos, and TV shows, Entertaining, teaching and accompanying children to grow intellectually.

Hundreds of famous animation series such as “Masha and the bear”, “BOOBA”, “SHAUN THE SHEEP” and Films such as “SNOW WHITE”, “THE STOLEN PRINCESS” and more, beside the weekly basis additions!

Your kid will find everything he loves in here and you won’t have to look for content anywhere else.