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Nancy Ajram is an ambassador for “Bostan Application”

United Arab Emirates, Monday 09 November 2020


Actress Nancy Ajram joined the “Bostan” application as an ambassador and the media face of the application to support meaningful Arab content directed at the Arab child. Her participation comes from her belief that the new generation deserves the best, which is in line with her artistic career and her continuous support for the Arab child.

Nancy said on this occasion: “She is happy to be a part of this application, because she believes in serving the child and providing valuable and meaningful content on a safe platform, such as the “Bostan” application, to ensure that children are protected from viewing content that does not suit their age or our culture in the region.

It is noteworthy that this application, produced by “MENA Mobile”, one of the partners of the Abu Dhabi Media Zone, “TWOFOUR 54”, includes a variety of series, films, cartoons, songs, stories, educational videos and television shows, as it guarantees children enjoyment and entertainment on the one hand, and the development of their intelligence and their cognitive and intellectual abilities On the other hand, which was specially produced by “MENA Mobile” to be watched exclusively on the application, such as the series “Separation of the rioters” in its first and second parts, which focuses on not disregarding education, tells daily stories at school, and gives examples of how to deal in a civilized way.

The application also contains famous series and films that touch the imagination of the Arab child, and provide him with educational and educational materials in an entertaining way, such as the series “Teletubbies” and “Super Wings” and the unique Emirati series “Freej” and the Lamb Shaun and fun three-dimensional films such as the Queen of Snow White “Snow White”, and others Among the recent films carefully selected by the “Bostan” application development team, including Arabic speaking, subtitled or dubbed into Arabic.

Ajram added: “I am very happy with this unique application that includes educational and educational materials and can communicate with all children of the Arab world. I grew up on some of the contents of this application such as (Smurfs), and I find great pleasure, whether in watching episodes again, or discovering series. And recent movies to watch with my children as well.”