Mena Mobile

“Mina Mobile” shows its latest digital products in the “Tawasul” event

Abu Dhabi, March 03, 2020

Mina Mobile, a twofour54 partner in Abu Dhabi, showed off its latest digital products during its participation in the “Tawasul” event last week. The audience was on a date to get acquainted with the most important mobile video games developed and distributed by the company, the most important of which is “Salah al-Din”, which is the first Arabized version on mobile devices that includes inspired by the series History of the Crusades of Salah al-Din.


It is also one of the most downloaded games in the MENA region due to its unique digital design that mimics reality in 3 D.

“Mina Mobile” products also include a chat application. The products also include “Moments” applications, which is similar to Instagram, but with an Arabic interface, “Grove of Children”, which is a platform that provides content for children under the age of 13, as well as “Al Noor Library” that offers a range of Arabic books of all kinds. In addition to e-marketing and animation design services

Tawasul, organized by twofour54 Abu Dhabi, represents a new experience to present the most prominent and latest revolutionary innovations in the media sector, starting with exclusive video game shows, passing through modern developments in the media space and virtual reality, to the world’s first digital fashion collection. It is an initiative that comes within the framework of the activities of the UAE Innovation Month.


“Mina Mobile” was present with its entire team, along with a number of partners and specialized experts participating in the event, most notably the “CG Foundation”, which distributed the Oscar-winning film “Parasite” and interacted with all the offers from the members of the creative complex that includes more than 14 thousand A member of the youth.


On this occasion, Mr. Bakr Ma, Founder and CEO of MENA Mobile, said: We are pleased that MENA Mobile is part of the Abu Dhabi Creative Complex’s efforts to develop the media sector by participating with us in a communication event with the latest media innovations. We have reached more than twenty million users of our applications in a short period not exceeding three years, and with our move to Abu Dhabi, we are working to develop and diversify our services to reach the largest possible number of people. The coming period for our company will witness many surprises.”