Mena Mobile

“Freej” and “Teletubbies” cartoon on the new Bostan app from MENA MOBILE

June 1, 2020

United Arab Emirates, June 2nd, 2020:


Mena Mobile launched the new version of Bostan app celebrating Children’s Day several countries around the world. The company was keen to offer content befitting the new Arab generation, developing their knowledge capabilities, and providing targeted entertainment.


The modern version of “Bostan” includes the popular series “Freej”, the first UAE cartoon TV show and 3D cartoon series in the Middle East. It is written and directed by the creative.


Emirati Mohammed Saeed Hareb, and it revolves around four women from the old Dubai community. Also, MENA MOBILE was able to include “Teletubbies” in the list of contents of the Bustan application. It is a British children’s television series focuses on four multicolored creatures known as “Teletubbies” and created for BBC TV channel. The series rapidly became a commercial success in Britain and abroad. It won multiple BAFTA awards and was nominated for two Daytime Emmys throughout its run.


Bostan is an Arabic free apps designed for kids aged 3-15 and it is available on the Apple Store and Google Play Store. The interface is Child-friendly and comfortable to interact with and change the language settings (Arabic-English). Bringing together high-quality content around the world in Arabic and English Languages cataloged and organized, including animation series and movies, songs, stories, educational videos and TV shows, Entertaining, teaching and accompanying children to grow intellectually The App contains different products arranged per category which offers a more flexible approach, and allows kids to easily select what they want to watch from a list of 8 categories: Cartoon, Kid’s programs, Stories, Songs, learn Arabic, Learn English, Arabic movies, English movies.


Bostan offers various new content from licensed HD videos that you can’t watch but only on the app, beside the ones shown on MBC-3 and many popular TV channels. For safety browsing, the app protects the child from photos, videos that are not appropriate for their age and do not correspond to their interests. It also provides the ability to add information for each child separately in the same account, where the user can change without mixing their information Baker Ma, the founder and CEO of MENA Mobile, says: “At MENA Mobile, we strive to ensure that our products are appropriate to the culture and history of the Middle East region and we encourage the production companies to share their contents with us and put hand in hand together to provide the new generation with what they deserve.”